MTI Services offers a comprehensive quantitative metabolomics analysis for various applications.  Our full service suite includes sample preparation, data collection, statistical analysis, and interpretation.  MTI has assembled a team with over 15 years’ experience in metabolomics analysis to best meet your research demands.  MTI Services offers various metabolomics platforms and techniques for your project.

 Analysis platforms include:

  • NMR for quantitative analysis of a broad spectrum of metabolites such as amino acids, organic acids, nucleotides and sugars.
  • ICP-MS for a quantitative elemental metals analysis.
  • LC-MS for a water soluble vitamins analysis.
  • Other LC-MS assays available upon request.

 Biologics Production Applications:

  • Bioreactor scale up monitoring and optimization.
  • Bioreactor media optimization.
  • Media quality control and testing.
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MTI Express Biomarkers™
Need help developing an identified biomarker?

MTI's Express Biomarkers program validates new biomarkers in clinical populations. The program offers comprehensive biomarker validation to identify the accuracy of your panel, from clinical trial design and execution, to data analysis and cusomized clinical data packages.

With this full service offering we will work with you to come up with a program that is tailor-made to suit your biomarker validation needs.

For more information, please access our Biomarker Booklet.